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January 13, 2023

Genetic Legacy (2021) is a term I thought of to encapsulate the essence of human cell plasticity in my opinion. Genetic legacy is the expression of our given cell chemistry with the ability to be altered within different environments mentally and physically. Our mental capacity includes the understanding of the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious and how those intertwine with one another to create thoughts which lead to actions. With respect to our physical being, having the understanding of how stressors effect organs and soft tissue functioning and combining that with metacognition is the beginning of self awareness.

Our human body adapts to the environment, stressors, and nutrients we expose it too. Ultimately, effecting our cell chemistry of organs and soft tissue as well as the brains capacity to develop thoughts. The stressors of the environment include the choices we make with physical activities, exercises, and the spaces we surround ourselves with as well as the choice of thought provoking or thought altering exposures. Whether nutritious or not, our bodies also adapt to the nutrients we absorb. Our cell chemistry changes with each harmful and/or healthy ingested substance which can be tangible or psychological. This means our cell chemistry has the ability to continue to deteriorate, mutate, and negatively be altered with exposure to harmful substances, surroundings, and thoughts. However, our cells do have the ability to turn around when those substances are taken away giving the opportunity for the development of healthy cells and thoughts to reform. With time, our body's cell chemistry can flourish back into its natural state while also improving bodily functions with healthy and positive substances and environments.

In today’s modern world, there are the options of researched traditional medicine and alternative therapies/medicines. Both thoughts of medicine have their purpose and validity. The perfect balance for each person is unique and may be scientifically unknown. However, objective and subjective research published or not carves a path to new discoveries. Combining these understood concepts and self awareness with in the human capacity gives rise to a healthy human machine.

Everyone is essentially their own anomaly with unique needs to function at their highest level possible mentally and physically. There will always be anomalies within our natural world. Although, there are similar characteristics across the board, nothing is exactly the same. There may be new understandings to certain things based on anomalies. However, anomalies will always exist and some will most likely never be scientifically understood.

To positively express our unique genetic combination of characteristics, we can choose to make choices that create change for positive cell plasticity. Having the awareness of our genetic power, we can mold our bodies and minds into an optimized genetic expression. Our bodies and minds are capable of more than we think. 

How do you want to live your life?

Brooke Hacker

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

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